Help Save Our Birds

Common birds are the ones that we see everywhere, everyday. They sing, play and amuse us with their
antics and intrigue us with their variety of color and diversity of species. Not just the birds we see in our backyards
but the birds out in the bush such as quails, bush turkeys, finches, spinifex pigeons and bushstone curlews.
And those we see down at the beach like seagulls, sandpipers, plovers and terns. These make up the majority of birds that come into care.The more common birds are pink and grey galahs, corellas, doves, crested pigeons, mularks and yellow throated miners as well as the occasional butcherbird and budgie.


What you will receive

  • A Certificate

  • A Bush Book - Common Birds of the Backyard​

  • Bumper Sticker - Friend of PWCA

  • Sticker and Stubbie holde

  • Annual social BBQ