Wildlife Books and Interesting Links

“Caring for Australian Wildlife”- by Sharon White and published by Australian Geographic


“Complete book of Australian Birds” - by Readers Digest


‘A Field Guide to Mammals of Australia” - by P. Menkhorst and F.Knight


“Field Guide to Snakes of the Pilbara” - by Brian Bush and Brad Maryan


“Field Guide to Australian Reptiles” - by Stephen Swanson published by Steve Parish Publishing


“Field Guide to Australian Birds” - by Michael Morcombe, published by Steve Parish Publishing


“Green Guide Kangaroos and Wallabies of Australia” - by Lee Curtis


“The Birds of Prey of Australia – A Field Guide” - by Stephen Debus


"Kangaroo Manual" – by Lynda Staker


Original Wildlife Prints for sale – by Samantha Tro

Absolutely beautiful work!  Take a look at  www.aussiecritters.com.au 



Photography and Framing – by Lillian Frost

Stunning Landscape photos! Take a look at   www.tiladilliimages.com.au