Help Save our Kangaroos

Kangaroos are endemic to Australia and include wallabies, tree kangaroos, quokkas, and pademelons. Kangaroos are impacted on roads by our cars, shot for food, and suffer loss of habitat. Here in the Pilbara we have Euros or Wallaroos, the iconice Red Kangaroo and Rothschild Wallablies. We are called out to attend to kangaroos that have been hit by cars and trains. Those that can be, are rehabilitated and released. More often than not the mothers are hit and killed and the joeys rescued and raised. Generally the joeys are in care for 9 to 12 months before being released. This takes up enormous amount of time and money.

What you will receive

  • A Certificate

  • A Bush Book - Mammals of North Western Australia

  • Bumper Sticker - Friend of PWCA

  • Sticker and Stubbie holder

  • Annual social BBQ