Help Save our Reptiles

The Australian continent is home to about 900 reptiles species contained in 16 families- and counting!
These include crocodiles, fresh water turtles, geckos, legless lizards, dragons, monitors, skinks, snakes and pythons. Reptiles enjoy statutory protection and it is illegal to keep any reptile without a special license. That aside reptiles are part of our native fauna that are both beautiful and diverse. The Pilbara is home to a number of Reptiles in particular the Olive Python which is listed as vulnerable.

Unfortunately the reptiles in the Pilbara are subject to poaching. Report any suspicious activity!

What you will receive

  • A Certificate

  • A Bush Book - Snakes of Western Australia

  • Bumper Sticker - Friend of PWCA

  • Sticker and Stubbie holder

  • Annual social BBQ