Turtles get washed ashore throughout the year.

They can also be seen “floating” on the surface and are unable to dive when approached.

They get attacked by sharks and also get cut by propellers on boats. If in doubt - pick it up!

Turtles take breaths once every 30 seconds or more! So always spend time checking it before assuming it to be dead!


If you find a turtle, please call the mobile 0438 924 842 immediately.


The turtle will need to be placed on soft padding to protect the delicate underside, in the back of a vehicle and transported to us as quickly as possible. Do not place wet cloths over the shell in an attempt to keep the turtle cool. This only has the effect of chilling them. Turtles can be placed in fresh warm (28degrees) water to rest while awaiting transportation. However care needs to be taken if the turtle is not strong enough to lift its head out the water to breathe.


We do what we can to stabilize them here and transport them to Exmouth. They have the experience and the necessary equipment to rehabilitate them.