Vision & Mission

Leadership and excellence in the response, rescue, rehabilitation and release of the Pilbara’s native wildlife through the provision of a vital Community service by being on call to respond to calls for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife across the entire Pilbara Region.

Our mission is to protect, rescue, rehabilitate and release Pilbara native wildlife through a network of wildlife rescuers, carers and other volunteers; and to gain community and stakeholder support to help us achieve this.

We will do this proactively by:
•    developing, maintaining and supporting a network of wildlife rescuers, rehabilitators and other volunteers;
•    providing a responsive and effective 24 Hour call service;
•    providing an effective network of rescuers;
•    promoting a high standard of rehabilitation in our network of carers;
•    being prepared for and be effective in our management of disasters;
•    educating the community to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of native wildlife and their habitats;
•    engaging the community to support Pilbara Wildlife Carers
•    to be an active advocate for native wildlife everywhere.

Aims and Objectives – as per the Constitution
•    to treat and care for sick, injured and immature wildlife;
•    to re-establish rehabilitated wildlife into their natural environment;
•    to provide a facility for education and observation of wildlife care;

•    to treat and care for lost, injured or mistreated domestic birds

•    to rehabilitate and re home domestic birds that have been lost, injured or mistreated.
•    to facilitate the appropriate care and attention in which endangered species can be encouraged to breed;
•    to facilitate a protected, appropriate environment for wildlife that cannot be released into an unconfined habitat;
•    to co-operate with any other association or body whose aims and objectives are similar to the Aims and Objectives of the Association.