Volunteer Rescuers & Transporters:

Volunteer Rescuers and Transporters
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Are you passionate about our precious wildlife but are not able to care for fauna?          

Do you have the ability to rescue and overnight care and/or transport fauna into care?

Pilbara Wildlife Carers needs the assistance of individuals who are able to help rescue and transport injured fauna into care.

Due to the vast area we cover we are always in need of people to help provide transport from outlying areas to Karratha/Dampier.
Examples of this can be a Loggerhead turtle that is too big to be flown to Exmouth and needs to be transported by road, or stock supplies that need to be transported to, or from Perth, Carnarvon and Hedland.

Business and Industry
 If you have a transport business, or connections and would like to know more about how you can be involved in this, please 
contact us here