​Code of Conduct:

The Pilbara Wildlife Carers Code of Conduct provides an ethical framework for all decisions, actions and behaviour of all its members.

When undertaking activities associated with Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association, all members must;

  • Comply with the constitution, rules and policies of PWCA

  • Act only in the best interests of PWCA

  • At all times behave honestly and with integrity.

  • Treat fellow members with courtesy and respect, without harassment, and with proper regard for their rights and obligations as a volunteer.

  • Comply with all applicable laws and license agreements of the government of the day that relate to the rehabilitation of wildlife.

  • Avoid any attempt to gain individual benefit or advantage

  • Recognise that properly constituted majority decisions are binding on all members

  • Disclose to PWCA Committee any potential or actual conflict of interest with PWCA activities

  • Provide true and unambiguous information, as and when requested

  • Provide public statements on behalf of PWCA only with the prior approval of the PWCA management committee

  • Act with courtesy and respect to enhance the reputation of PWCA when dealing with members of the public

  • Recognise that by not adhering to the Code of Conduct could make that member liable to expulsion from PWCA in accordance with the Constitution.

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