Areas where help is needed:

There are many other ways you can help Pilbara Wildlife Carers that does not involve caring for an animal. Below you’ll find some information on areas where help is needed. These include the making joey pouches and hot boxes, two incredibly useful items for our volunteer rescuers and carers.

Joey Pouches
Are you good at sewing?  We would love you to make pouches to keep our little joeys safe and warm. Our volunteer carers put in so much time and effort into caring for these precious creatures, but most don’t have time to sew the pouches that are required. If you, or your craft group can help with making some pouches, please
click here for instructions on how to make the kangaroo bags

Hot Boxes
Do you or your friends have basic woodwork skills? Making hot boxes is a great way to give rehabilitating babies a home. Volunteer carers are able to raise baby birds in hot boxes until such time as they are able to generate their own body heat. Hot boxes are also used for the rehabilitation of injured reptiles. Please contact us for instructions on how to make a hot box

Administrative positions
Help and assistance is always needed. We are currently looking for people to help with Administrative work
•    Macropod Coordinator

If you have an idea for a project or just want some more information on the above activities please don’t hesitate to
contact Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association here